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To get to the Kraken site, you need to find the official link on the Internet, enter it into a search engine and make the transition. But it happens that, having carried out all these processes, it is not possible to enter the site. Let's look at the reasons.

1.The main problem in this matter can be considered an incorrect link. It often happens that a friend gave the site address or read it somewhere on the Internet, but it was with an error. Using the wrong address is not advisable, and sometimes even dangerous, because you can go to a "bad" resource and harm your device.

2. It also happens that the link is correct (it was checked a hundred times), but when you go to it, it gives an error. Maybe the Kraken is being serviced or repaired after DDoS attacks by competitors. As practice shows, such an “unavailability” process is temporary and soon the megamarket will work again.But if you have neither the strength nor the desire to wait for the restoration of the Kraken, go to it with the help of a mirror. Now on the Internet there are many links to kraken mirrors, which are regularly updated. By clicking on them, you will not only be taken to the resource itself, but you will also be able to enter your personal account and make purchases. And when the Kraken is restored, you can return to it.